Meet me — a seasoned content marketer working at the intersection of creativity & craft to churn words that connect & convert. I provide top-notch content marketing services to word-leading brands. Having done this literally for a demi-decade, I know what it takes to be-friend search engines, communicate effectively, and create stellar content.

peek into my personal life


Personally, I love reading, writing, and travelling. In my ‘me time’, I take up a few stand-up gigs, give key notes at various institutions, and run an NGO. Because creating websites is my hobby, I manage all my sites myself. On my name, I have a book entitled, Be Successful – Thrive Exponentially Beyond Excellence. I also host a podcast where I bring in world-class performers to tease out their daily routine, habits, and tactics.

My Quote: One kind act a day keeps scarcity far away.

how i ended-up here?


I started off my journey as a content writer in 2010. My zest to learn and grow helped me quickly climb the ladder up all the way through to where I am today. My hard work ethic and creativity earned me a few great content marketing opportunities that significantly contributed to my professional success. As a professional copywriter, I’ve always believed in delivering more value that I get paid for. If you have an exciting project, let me know.

my approach toward content marketing


Content marketing services are dynamic. They keep evolving with the emergence of new trends, and client requirements. My approach towards content marketing services is holistic and wholesome. Not only I leverage the latest tools and technologies, but also I keep up with the best SEO practices and newest copywriting tactics. If you’re seeking to dominate your space through content marketing, let me help.

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