Be U Salons — India’s Smartest Salon Chain

Feb, 2020


Content Strategy, & Content Development


Be U Salons


Jan 2020


While the project is still ongoing, we saw a significant jump in our Google rankings. Abhi is open to feedback and always willing to change anything whenever we needed. He is meticulous, communicative, and knowledgeable. Read the full review on Clutch.

Christina J. (Technical Head, Be U Salons)

The Challenge

Because the content was unevenly distributed across various channels, the users had a hard time interacting with the website and their application. As if that was not enough, the existing content was full of errors and was poorly written. Ultimately, Be U Salons was unable to attract and engage new customers — which was their primary objective.

The Breakthrough

I helped them create, strategize, and optimize their web content. We started off with a comprehensive content audit — which was followed by content mapping and strategy. We created engaging, SEO-friendly content for their entire website. Upon successful content deployment, they saw significant improvement in their overall rankings and gained 30% new users in just 30 days.